Surrogate's Court Litigation

Guiding Clients Through Surrogate's Court

Have you recently lost a loved one, maybe a parent, sibling or spouse? How do you or your family deal with that individual's estate?

In New York, the Surrogate's Court handles decedent's estates. First, you must determine if there is a will. If your loved one had a will, probate will always be necessary, but a designated executor is listed. In cases where no will existed, the court will appoint an administrator and divide remaining assets according to intestacy laws based on familial relationships.

Why Do You Need A Lawyer?

The probate process is complex and highly technical. Trying to complete forms can lead to frustration and questions. A probate attorney does not just handle the procedural requirements but also protects your right to assets and sentimental property contained in the estate of your loved one.

St. Clair & Associates, PLLC has guided New York clients from all walks of life through the probate litigation process, including clients involved in high-profile cases. After learning about your unique situation at an initial consultation, Jeffrey St. Clair will suggest a tailored course of action and answer your questions. He will prepare and file the petition and assist with estate administration when possible.

Jeff St. Clair seeks to negotiate and settle cases where possible. But he is not afraid to take a case to trial when warranted. He has successfully tried cases when necessary to obtain the most favorable result.

The time it takes to resolve a case will depend on the needs of each family and the county. Cases can take up to a year from the start of the process. This is one reason to start the process as soon as possible.

Out-Of-State Administrators And Executors

Jeff St. Clair also represents administrators and executors who live in other states but had a relative or friend who resided in New York. Generally, these out-of-state clients do not need to travel to New York and everything can be completed via mail, email or video conference.

Representing Clients Across Brooklyn, The Five Boroughs, and Out Of State

If you need answers and assistance navigating the complex probate process, St. Clair & Associates, PLLC can help. Call 718-596-4466 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. For your convenience, the firm offers evening appointments.